Come Have a Slice and Watch a Movie




Newberry has a new concept of restaurant called Picture Pizza. ┬áThere’s a Pub as well for those who wish to imbibe.

Movie theaters are great to visit if you want to watch a good movie with your friends and family. Many people enjoy the time they get to eat and drink while watching a movie kind of as if they are in their own home. Just recently, many theaters have created options for people to eat and drink in their theaters, but there are now even new movie theaters that combine a restaurant and bar. Do you love to drink and want to have a bar be accessible while watching your movie?
Benefits of Movie Theaters With Bars And Restaurant

The biggest benefit is that you can have some of that food and those drinks served to you. This is a huge benefit because you don’t have to worry about bringing in tons of food in your bag and having to reel them in. You can just walk in to that theater, and somebody will be there to let you order what you want and need while you enjoy your movie. Movie theaters that make you buy food beforehand are great, but it is always nice to have that extra benefit of relaxing in your seat and just having somebody bring you your food.

Another huge benefit is getting to unwind with all the drinks from the bar that you want, and also eating anything you want during your film. Now you have a place to grab lunch or dinner while watching a good film.

Usually when a restaurant is beginning to allow food and drinks, you will receive an something related to reserved seating. This is when you can choose your seats, so if there are lots of people watching the movie, at least you have gotten your seats reserved. Movie theaters like this are great because you can also save time on having to go out to another restaurant to find some food. Just enjoy the film and you’ll get all the food you need to enjoy yourself.

mapWant to watch a good movie and enjoy some nice pizza with a drink from the bar? The Picture Pub Pizza has a ton of great options. They can give you the chance to finally get some really good food while enjoying your movie. You can just relax, unwind, and then eat all of that pizza and other food. It’s such a great option, and many people oftentimes forget about considering going to these kinds of movie theaters.